September 2011 Archives – 4/4 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Menu Plan Your Butt Off has moved to Shrinking Kitchen! {Yeah, we’re still working on that title!} Are you one of those people who diligently plans out the menu for an entire week and then makes a color coded grocery list based on the aisles at the grocery store? Good! Stick around! I’m not. In […]

I’m very excited to share with you another running/cycling/triathlon gear favorite of mine and a company I have been working with for a few weeks now: My Race Ragz! In fact, this is almost a post best told in pictures. Except that there are some pretty cool stories behind the pictures too. My Race Ragz […]

I love getting new workout clothing and fitness items. I love it even more when I get a discount. Enter The Clymb. I first heard of the site when digging through my Fitbloggin swag in 2010. I actually just set the information aside, until one day when Christy mentioned it to me and I finally […]

Sometimes, when you are trying something new, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details. The new plan becomes overwhelming and you feel like a failure if you are not able to hit each of the goals that the new plan sets out for you. Somewhere along the line, you lose sight of your […]

On our ‘out-to-eat’ nights, I give my kids the choice to pick we’re going, and 9 times out of 10 they choose SUBWAY! It makes me happy to know that my kids look at SUBWAY as a treat, as somewhere FUN to go out to dinner! What also makes me happy is SUBWAY is now […]

For the past 11 weeks, we have pushed ourselves, ate the right foods, and sweated our butts off. Okay, well, maybe I didn’t, but it’s obvious by the numbers that some of you have been working so hard! The final results  are SO CLOSE! The Top 3 teams are separated by less than a few […]

As a father of two and someone who’s struggled with being overweight my entire life, being a role model and setting healthy examples for my children is a huge priority in my life. Since September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in the U.S, I thought it’d be fitting to start this month helping to raise […]