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Ever have one of those times where you constantly feel like you’re running on empty?  I’m having one of those times!  Between vacation and business travel, I’ve been gone from home as much as I’ve been there this month.  As if the travel itself weren’t enough, I’ve worked incredibly long days (12+ hours) this week while on a business trip.  To add insult to injury, the hotel where I stayed was directly under the runway approach for Dulles airport, so my sleep kept getting interrupted by incoming jets.  As the saying goes, put a fork in me because I. am. DONE.

This is the point where my post starts to sound a lot like True Confessions. 😉  This trip has been hard on me not only from the aspect of being physically tired, but it’s taken a toll on my waistline as well.  No matter how good my intentions were at the start of my trip, I seemed to keep falling into the bad habit of grabbing fast food on my way back to the hotel at night.  Working long days coupled with being sleep deprived just isn’t a good foundation for making smart food choices.   It becomes far too easy to fall back into the bad habits of the past.

Thankfully, I’m going HOME today and have no more travel on my calendar any time soon!  In fact, by the time many of you read this, I’ll likely be 37,000+ feet in the air en route to LAX.  I can’t wait to get home not only to my own bed and my sweet little kitty, but to get back to my normal routine of healthy eating & exercise!  The one things I’m NOT looking forward to getting back to is my scale.  It’s gonna be ugly not going to be pretty.

How do you deal with vacation/business travel eating?  Do you throw your normal routine to the window or so you stay on track with your healthy eating & exercise habits?  If you do stay on track, what are some tips you have for staying motivated when you’re constantly eating in restaurants?  Please leave your thoughts below in the comments section.

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