A Thanksgiving Day poem | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Each year I get excited as Thanksgiving grows near

because to me, this means The Holidays are here!

I get up Thanksgiving morning; I travel oh so very far (two hours),

to my grandmother’s house I drive in my orange car!

After my journey, I greet my family with kisses and hugs

I walk back to the kitchen, and my stomach gives a tug.

Then all of a sudden, I’m surrounded by food!

All the treats Granny has made creates jolly moods!

I give Granny much credit for cooking healthily,

But she’s made all of my favorites, enough for an army!

As hard as it is, I’m quite proud of my brain’s fight

Because I don’t eat so much that my jeans are too tight!

If I can eat my favs in moderation, then so too can you.

Have your favorite treats; just not ice cream, you hear me Roo? (inside joke)

Enjoy your family and friends or with whomever you celebrate

Because that’s is what’s most important on this fine U.S. date.

Also, if you travel, please remember to travel safely this holiday;

You know we have a new challenge coming soon right your way!

And so I guess that leaves just one more thing for me to do:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! From Shrinking Jeans to all of you!

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