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Happy Tuesday, folks! How is everyone doing this fine day? Just a minute ago, I tried to make it Wednesday, which would have been really sad because we would have missed the Tworkout! We can’t have that now, can we? 😀

So, if you’re new to the Tworkout, here is what you do… Log onto Twitter at 8 p.m. Central, turn on your favorite TV show, and join in all of the fun! It’s a blast, I promise!

Tonight’s Tworkout:

1. 1 min wacky jacks, 1 min towel jumps, 1 min buttkicks

2. push-ups, as many as you can do

3. Jump squats, 40

4. 1 min foot hop (jump on one foot, forward, back, side side. 30 seconds each foot); 5 burpees

5. chair dips, as many as you can do

6. Plankhold, 60 seconds


See you there!

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