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When I’m busy, I do not put much effort into my appearance. Not much at all. Sometimes I don’t even wash my face daily (unless you count the spray from the shower) – mainly because I’m not putting anything on it to begin with.

Me not putting effort into my appearance = not feeling good about myself. Me not feeling good about myself = less effort put into my appearance.

It’s a vicious cycle.

I’ve been in a slump lately – physically, mentally, emotionally. But you know what I did last week? I got a haircut! And you want to know what else? It made me feel like one miiiillllllion dollars *pinky on lips*. I walked out of the salon with fresh ends, bouncy hair, and a spring in my step.

That haircut inspired me to put more effort into my appearance, which is a good thing since the holidays are upon us and there are SO many functions to attend. I wore make-up this week. Like more than just powder – eye shadow! mascara! lip gloss! My kids looked at me sideways.

But I felt better about myself!!

So this weekend, I dare you to try something fun, something new! Get a haircut, some highlights, try those smoky-dramatic eyes you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest, buy some fun sparkly nail polish (because glitter is all the rage right now). Do something for you. It will make you feel like one miiiillllllion dollars. I promise!

My favorite way to go for everyday dramatic eyes, which happens to be from Loreal, is The One Sweep eye shadow. Three colors, one applicator, one sweep – my kind of (easy) drama!

You don’t have to blog about it, but I would LOVE for you to come back here and leave a comment telling me what you dared to try.

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