Live Big with Ali Vincent | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I think that we all know about the ups and downs of weight loss and fitness. The peaks and valleys, so to speak. We have our good days, we have our bad days. We have the days or weeks when we are in a rut and having a hard time finding our way out. It is during those times that we have to dig deep and find a way to get back on track. Now…imagine that you have finally made the commitment to do something about your weight, but you have decided to do it on national tv for the whole world to see. That is what happened to Ali Vincent, the first female winner of the Biggest Loser.

Everything I knew about Ali Vincent was through the Biggest Loser tv show and the book that she had written after she was on the show. The book is called “Believe It, Be It…How Being The Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life”. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that book when it came out. I devoured it and was not disappointed. It tells Ali’s story. Where she came from, how she got to be 234 pounds and how she and her mom got to be on the Biggest Loser. It is a book that I highly recommend to everyone. The inspiration value is immeasurable. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone back and reread the parts I highlighted.

I had the privilage of meeting Ali in November 2010 at a Healthy Women event in my hometown. To say that she was amazing is putting it mildly. She was a true inspiration to me. I couldn’t believe what she went through and how she came out on the other side and has stayed there. I sat and listened to her and was blown away by her drive and her commitment to being the very best Ali that she could be.

The icing on the cake that night was when I got to actually meet Ali and have my picture taken with her. It is an awful picture of me, but I am with Ali Vincent!! How totally cool is that?!?! We talked briefly and she even signed my book. I was in heaven.

Looking back on that night, my only regret was that it wasn’t until a month later that I was asked to be a contributing writer for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. I kept thinking that if I had been a writer then, I might have been able to interview Ali and possibly get to know her. I would think of that from time to time over the past year.

Since I saw Ali at the Healthy Woman event, she has continued to lecture and inspire others. She also has a new television show called Live Big with Ali Vincent on the Live Well network. I love this show and try to never miss it. Ali is taking everything she has learned and helping others reach their goals.

Last month, I had a brainstorm. What if I contacted Ali and asked if I could interview her? I knew that she would have a lot to say that could inspire all of us in our weight loss and fitness goals. What was the worst that could happen? She could say no, but she could also say yes. I took the shot and I scored. She said she would be happy to answer some questions via email. To say I was excited is putting it mildly.

Here are my questions and Ali’s answers….. 1. What was your favorite moment on the Ranch? One of my favorite moments on the ranch was when I won my right back on the campus after the surprise weigh in. 2. What are Bob and Jillian REALLY like? Bob and Jill are really good at their jobs but just like you and I in every other way. Jill is a lot more compassionate then they gave her credit for and Bob isn’t as sweet as you may think. 3. What’s the biggest thing you took away from your time on the Biggest Loser? What I took away from my experience on the ranch is that anything is possible if you break it down one step at a time. 4. What’s the most important thing you learned about herself on your journey? I realized that I operate well with goals, I have to know why I am doing something and have something to achieve. 5. What is one piece of advice you can give to someone with a seemingly impossible amount of weight to lose (100+lb). You must just start, start with making a small change such as just start writing everything down. Keep a journal and start checking in with all the choices you are making through out the day. 6. How do you stay motivated to keep on track when you’re so busy and traveling so much? I just do what I can when I can. For me I try to get in workouts whenever I can and when I don’t have time to workout as much I eat less. 7. What advice do you have for eating healthy & working out for someone who travels a lot and/or has a very hectic lifestyle? I say you just have to find the time, everyone is busy. If you commit to yourself no matter what you will make it happen. Always be prepared to take advantage of any given 10 mins to get a little activity in. Carry a jump rope, do lunges, squats, push ups, triceps dips, jumping jack or whatever it is you like to do. 10 mins here and there add up! 8. What are the biggest obstacles in your healthier living journey that you continue to face? Making the healthy choices everyday will always be an obstacle I will continue to battle everyday, it is still not my first thought 🙂 9. Who are your biggest supporters? My family and friends continue to be my strength and support. 10. How did the opportunity arise for your new tv show? I have been trying to spread the word that you can live the life of your dreams if you choose to and put action towards them to as people as I can so I jumped to the opportunity to be a part of the Live Well Network with Live Big With Ali Vincent to do just that. 11. What made you want to try out for Biggest Loser? I was tired of feeling bad about how I was living my life.

12. Can you put into words how it felt when you got an that big scale for the first time when you got to the ranch and the last time when you won? The difference between the two times on the scale were worlds a part in regards to how I felt. The first time I felt so broken and at the finale I felt as if I had taken back control of my life and my destiny and that everything and anything was possible.