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I am 57 years old. I am overweight and not in the best shape. I don’t always eat as well as I should. I don’t always exercise like I should. I don’t get enough sleep. I don’t drink enough water. I rarely take my vitamins. I drink way too much diet coke. I think you get the idea.

Here is the good news about that last paragraph. I am doing everything I can to regroup and change my ways. I can turn this around, if I want to. Guess what? I want to, big time!!

There is lots going on right here at the Sisterhood to help me. We have the new challenge. With the new challenge come the awesome weekly fitness challenge. We are doing the 52 Small Changes project over at the Hood. We have been doing January with Jillian where you can pick which Jillian Michaels workout dvd you want to do for the month of January.

I have made lots of plans right here at my own house. I workout every M/W/F early morning with one of my friends in my basement. We do circuits on the treadmill, elliptical and bike. I go to classes three nights a week. Zumba on Monday, Piyo on Tuesday and Kettle Bells on Thursday. I quit buying diet coke. The only time I have it is if we go out for dinner and I have one of my beloved Bacardi and diets. I drink no less than 64 ounces of water a day. It has been more than that every day this month, but I shoot for at least 64. I make myself go to bed by 10:30 which is really quite early for me. I put my vitamins on the kitchen counter at night so I remember to take them with my breakfast. I wear my Fitbit religiously.

I think you get the idea that I have put myself back on track. My mantra for the new year is “2012 is my bitch”. She will do what I say and not vice versa.

You see, it is never to late to make a new start. It doesn’t matter if you are 57 or 24. It doesn’t matter if you weigh 200 pounds or 125 pounds. All you have to have is the will power and to really want it. It took me a long time to really want it. I have been tossing around the same ten pounds for over a year now. I can’t wait for those ten pounds to take off with many of her friends in tow. And….this is truly the first time in a long time that I can say I really know it is going to happen.

It can happen for you too. Sit down and take stock and inventory of yourself. Decide what you really want. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get fit? How about your eating and sleep habits? Can they use some work? I’d love to have you join me in this journey of mine. I’m excited about it. Want to get excited with me? It’s never too late!

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