True Confessions | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


My confessions are many. And they are ugly. I honestly don’t even know where to start.

This new year, it was supposed to be a fresh start. Exercise, clean eating…reclaiming my body. Well, honestly, it hasn’t been happening. At all.

I could recount all my transgressions, but truthfully, it will just make me feel bad. And I kind of want to concentrate less on what I’ve done wrong and more on what I’m GOING TO DO RIGHT. Starting immediately.

So here I am. Starting my new years resolution a week or so late. But better late than never. Right?

I feel like I am FINALLY in the right mind frame to tackle this extra weight. I am tired of actually HURTING from the surplus pounds and aching from being out of shape. It sucks. Plain and simple. I’m tired to squeezing into the largest pair of jeans I own, sucking in my stomach and still barely being able to fasten the button. I’m tired of looking at my closet full of clothes and knowing I can’t wear but about five pieces comfortably. Most of all, I’m tired of looking in the mirror and not recognizing myself.

So, my confession this week is that I’m putting my foot down and taking charge.

What’s your confession? Lay it all out in the comments. We’re here for you!

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