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It’s me again! You’re so lucky to get me twice in one day! Did you confess today? If not, hop on over to True Confessions today and confess all of your unhealthy sins from last week! Go on, I’ll wait…

Good, you’re back! OK, so onto tonight’s business! It’s Tworkout night! Yay! If you’re new here and want to join the fun, just hop onto Twitter at 8p.m. Central and workout with us while we watch our favorite TV programs! You will thank me later! Promise!

Tonight’s Tworkout

1. 2 min jog in place; 1 min buttkicks w/weights

2. 40 alternating lunges with bicep curls

3. 2 60 second wall sits (Make sure your knee is at 90 degrees! Don’t cheat!)

4. 1 min towel hop, 1 min jump squats, 1 min wacky jacks

5. Chair dips, as many as you can do!

6. Plankhold, for at least 60 seconds


See you  there!

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