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Before I begin, I realize that some of you still love the show and that’s great. However you get your inspiration is great, but for me personally, I have a little bit of a rant to go on.

Back when I began blogging, I had my feet firmly planted in the cement of the church of Jillian Michaels. She was my hero. I learned everything about nutrition and exercise from listening to her podcasts. I almost went vegan (Me! Vegan! No offense to you vegans out there, but I love me some chicken) because Jillian went vegan. I thought together with Bob Harper, she had something special in the Biggest Loser. Now, I realized that the show was just that, a TV show. A reality TV show at that, but I felt that they really cared about changing people’s lives in a healthy way. (Without using fake magic pills.)

To me, The Biggest Loser was the greatest show on the air. I felt that as long as you understood that for four months, these people live, sleep, and breathe weight loss, and the weight they lose on a weekly basis is not a reasonable expectation, you could really learn something from the show. I loved Jillian and Bob.

And then…

The first to sell out was Jillian. She marketed pills that were guaranteed to boost weight loss and enhance fat burn. Wait a second. Wasn’t this the same person who preached that there was no magic pill? Jill, what are you doing, was what I thought. Had money become so important to you that you decided to fool people into thinking that there really is a magic pill? The thought makes me sick. No matter how many warnings you put on the pill labels saying that these should be used with a healthy diet and exercise program, people are going to see it as a magic pill. Shame on you Jillian Michaels.

And if that wasn’t enough, now I see that Bob has sold out too. He’s also marketing a magic pill.

Do your contestants take the magic pill? What happened to good old sweat and determination? Was that not good enough?

I’m sorry. I just cannot sit and watch the show anymore. I’m so sad that two of my heroes, two of the people that I put the most faith in to help people to change their lives sold out. It’s like if Superman were to say, “I’m can’t really fly; it’s just a jet pack that I wear under my cape.”

I get that they are celebrities and their ultimate goal is to make money, but do you really need to make money from making people think that they can lose weight faster by taking a pill? If it were me, I would rather be poor. I would rather use my fame to educate people how to lose weight properly and how to live healthy lives.

Thanks for the memories, Biggest Loser, but I’ll find my inspiration elsewhere from now on. Like the wonderful people right here on this site. You could learn a thing or two from them.

Biggest Loser photo from NBC.com

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