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Good morning runners, walkers, woggers, joggers, ralkers, and everyone else! Today we are kicking off our Couch To 5K training for our Run The ‘Hood race happening on May 28, 2012!

If you’re joining us, in 9 quick weeks, you’ll be RUNNING a 5K! Are you shaking your head and thinking ‘huh, I’d never run unless I was being chased by zombies, so there is no way I can run a 5K in 9 weeks.’ Well, you’re wrong! I’ve done it and so have many other fabulous sisters, like Erin, who is gearing up to run her very first half marathon, and you can too!


  • Head over here to our Race Central page to get more information on Run The ‘Hood and find out how to register.


  • Head on over here to find out How To Start Running Today!


One of our fabulous, longtime supporters, and Run the ‘Hood sponsors, CLICK Espresso Protein Drink, is launching a brand new option: CLICK decaf in mocha flavor! Yes, you’ll be able to gear up or recover from a tough workout with CLICK day and night! They also CLICK recently published a press release on the many benefits of caffeine/protein for endurance, results as well as a 66% improvement in recovery compared to carb only drinks.

CLICK is hosting CLICK On to Spring Sweepstakes for a CLICK’d out beach cruiser bicycle. It’s a sweet ride, and you can enter to win on the CLICK Facebook page. Sweepstakes ends on May 6th.

So get to it! Lace up your shoes, grab your iPod, grab your friends or family, grab a bottle of water, and get out the door! We can’t wait to hear how Week 1 Day 1 goes for you!

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