TMI FRIDAY! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


There’s an ugly side to working out that no one really wants to talk about. OK, perhaps most people don’t really want to talk about it but we don’t shy away from those things here.

It’s a Sisterhood.

There’s safety in numbers.

Recently, I was thinking about the things I’ve done during my workouts & races, from the many wardrobe malfunctions (dropping my granny panties on the gym floor, wearing two different shoes to the gym, forgetting my sports bra at a triathlon – all true stories…) to the bodily malfunctions (being unable to partake in the wine or the dine portion of the Disney Wine & Dine on account of a bathroom problem at the end of the race — but I did PR!)

And so of course when I was doing my speed work on the treadmill while gassy the other day and feeling the need to quickly turn down the music during the sprints so I can *hear* anything that might (slip) transpire (it didn’t but I am always cautious like that), it led me to wonder, I’m not alone here in my grossness, am I?

Surely you all must have some good stories, right?

Time to share your TMIs. Pee in the bushes? Running leakages? Tooting on the treadmill? Split pants during yoga? See through bathing suit? A great trip and fall?

What’s your best “oops” or most recent?

Hit us up and dish!

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