Toot Your Horn Tuesday | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Does this look familiar to you?

It looks very familiar to me. It has kind of become my new best friend. I’ve got some horn tooting to do, girlfriends. So, listen up because I’m proud of myself this week.

Last month, I did the Fab Ab February ab workout. Bari had posted it and I said “why not”. I never missed a day and that made me proud. I was amazed that I could keep progressing to the point that on the last day of the challenge, I could do 100 sit ups, 25 push ups and a 2 minute plank. I was so happy with myself, I was all set to start the whole thing over for March and just add two more days to it.

Enter Melissa and the Six Pack March workout. I jumped at the chance to start this challenge. Today is day “lucky 13″ and I still haven’t missed a day. I do it the very first thing when I wake up in the morning after I hit the bathroom. If I do it then, I don’t have an excuses not to do it later. I just finished 45 sit ups, 17 push ups and a one minute and ten second plank.

The thing that just blows my mind is that I have worked out for 42 days in a row. Granted I’m not doing an hour long cardio workout every day, but damn, 42 days is a long time. I’m still working out three nights a week too. So yeah, I feel like I have some serious horn tooting to do. Yay me!!!

Now it’s your turn. How about you? I bet there are plenty of you out there that have something great to tell us about. Tell us all about your awesomeness in the comments or leave us a link to your blog post. We can’t wait to hear your accomplishments.

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