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Hello there. Ever have those days or weeks where you just feel kind of “meh”, even though you have no REAL reason to be feeling that way? Yeah. That’s me. My blog has been suffering for months weeks… My motivation is lacking, even though I have that half-marathon right around the corner.

I have been busy reading, redesigning, and planning our landscaping in our backyard. My husband has been busy with the manual labor. We have a few acres outside of town and have been dreaming of raising a few chickens. Fresh eggs, anyone? Only, I forgot a small detail, you know, checking our subdivision covenants to see if they allow for it. They don’t.

We were licensed for foster care at the beginning of the month and have been awaiting our first placement call. Only it hasn’t happened. It’s a good thing if we aren’t needed, right? I know this. At the same time, several of my friends and family are expecting or have recently given birth to precious little newborns, and while I am so excited and happy for them {because REALLY, I am}, I also have that little twinge of a green-eyed monster stirring inside of me. I hate that I even remotely feel that way. I keep telling myself that if we are meant to have more children, it will happen. We have four happy, thriving children, and I think our family is pretty dang awesome already.

Can you say roller-coaster? Drastic times call for drastic measures.

3 Ways to Rid Yourself of The Funk

Put on a bright unitard, some sweet legwarmers {pornstache optional} and practice, practice, PRACTICE this routine. Put on a show for your friends.

Buy Try something new. You probably don’t want to go buy a kayak, as I did, because once you do? The weather is sure to turn shitty.

Go to Walmart. Better yet… Wear this or this and go to Walmart. Just don’t buy anything or you will wait in line at one of the two open checkouts for an hour, and that just plain takes the fun out of it.

How do you chase the blues away? Share and link to your favorite funnies!

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