June Tone-Up


Welcome to the June Tone-Up! This daily workout routine can be used to supplement your current fitness routine {you do have one, don’t you?}, and can also be used in conjunction with our June Tune-Up weight loss challenge for maximum effect! You can read all about the weight loss challenge here – hurry it starts on June 1st!

We have three exercises for you. The goal of these monthly mini-workouts is to fit in quick, repetitive exercises that will leave you feeling confident and strong by the end of the month. These daily workouts can be tailored to your individual needs, as well as modified to your personal level of fitness. As always, we encourage you to focus on your form with each and every rep.

Now onto this month’s exercises (bom, bom, bom)… Remember to modify to your individual fitness needs.

{click on the exercise title for demonstrations}

SQUAT KNEES: Do the required reps for each leg!

WACKY JACKS: The dumber you look, the better!

HIGH KNEES: Modify as you need… simply lift your knees and get faster and higher as you improve!

Weeks 1-3, perform two sets of each trio, and on Weeks 4 & 5 kick it up to three sets!

Print out the workout calendar below, tell your friends, and bitch and moan about how bad your muscles hurt let us know how good you are feeling by using the hashtag #junetoneup! We’re on Twitter and Facebook!

Ready, set, GO!

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We are not medical doctors or licensed medical experts. Before starting any diet or exercise program, please consult with your doctor.

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