Sketchers agrees to pay 40million in refunds


If you haven’t lost weight after putting on Skechers shoes and your buttocks have not gained the firmness of Kim Kardashian – you have the right to return purchased sports shoes, even if heavily worn – this is the result of a court order against the sports shoe manufacturer. Under this decision, Skechers USA, Inc. he has to pay 40 million in damages.

In the interest of the client, who could feel cheated, believing the advertisement supported by dubious clinical trials that by putting on Resistance Runner, Toners and Tone-ups shoes on his feet he would lose unnecessary kilograms, strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen, the Federal Trade Commission acted to the court.

The advertisement, which involved celebrity Kim Kardashian and actress and model Brooke Burke, said that by entering into the possession of shoes worth $ 100. and by using it regularly, we engage our muscles, for example the buttocks, by up to 85 percent.

The FTC has determined that Skechers USA, Inc. She also abused the trust of customers by presenting clinical trials supposed to confirm the possibility of achieving the advertised results. By court decision, the manufacturer is forbidden to present the results of any tests and studies on the company’s sports footwear in the future.

The settlement between Skechers USA, Inc. and the FTC is the result of a wider investigation by the Ohio and Tennessee Attorney General of 40 other states. The company is expected to pay $ 40 million. penalties and 5 million to each state that brought a complaint against it. The amount is to be used to compensate people who, under the influence of advertising campaigns, bought Skechers Resistance Runner, Toners and Tone-ups shoes.


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