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Oh yes, we are still weighing in.  In fact, I haven’t weighed myself in a VERY long time (I blamed the broken scale but it wasn’t really broken- ha!!!!) and I weighed myself yesterday morning.  What a wake-up call that was for me.  I mean, all my clothes still fit so I knew I was still within the range of reason, but still, I need to kick up the exercise and tone down the eating (or make better choices) so that I can be on the low end of the range of reason.

Oh yes, this post is brought to you, by me, the Shrinking Jeans Rambler.

Oh yes, we start a new challenge on June 1st- that is THIS Friday, as in 2 days away.  As in, it is called the June Tune-Up Challenge and who couldn’t use a tune-up every now and then?  As in, this is a partner challenge, so if you haven’t secured a partner, give a shout out in the comments and maybe someone else reading this post that needs a partner too will chime in and *claim* you.  As in, go check out the details of this challenge and make sure to 1)sign up for the challenge and 2)get that partner secured!  Make sure to check the Friday post for the start of this challenge.

Oh yes, you still have to weigh in TODAY.  I know, I know, grumble grumble but go ahead and step on that scale and let us know how it’s going for you.

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That’s it folks.  Go weigh yourself and report back, stat!  And get that buddy for the June Tune-Up Challenge.

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