June 2012 Archives – 2/2 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We’re two weeks into the challenge and everyone is kicking ass! I’m so proud of each and every one of you. Keep up the good work! Each week we’ll randomly select a team, who checks in, to win either an Amazon or iTunes gift card. This week our winners are: Chocoholics Anonymous Congratulations Kristin and […]

Good morning shrinkers and shrinkettes…or whatever! Can you believe the second week of the June Tune-Up has come to an end? We sure hope your end is getting smaller *rimshot*! WEIGH-IN So let’s get to it. Jump on the scale, swing your partner, do si do, and fill out the check-in form below. Damn I’m […]

Every once in a while, I’ll try to think back to when I was in heavy duty weight loss mode (I’m currently maintaining/not weighing). What things was I doing then that can help me overcome obstacles now? I started doing this again a few weeks ago because of three bad habits that were sneaking their […]

I have spent a whole lot of time this past week at the hospital with my mom and step dad. He is going through some pretty heavy health issues right now and my place has been with them. I just got home and realized I had a post due. Christy covered my butt last week. […]

Listening to upbeat, fast-paced music while I workout keeps me motivated and ensures that I’ll burn more calories, run a little faster, push myself a little further. Here are my Top 9 go-to songs for a successful and fun workout! These are my current go to songs when I want to power through an awesome […]

Happy Friday, peeps! I wanted to drop in today and do a little promotion of Shrinking Kitchen, the sister site to Shrinking Jeans. If you haven’t checked it out, you most definitely should. And I’m not just saying that cause I’m the editor. It’s truly awesome. Here’s what we’ve got cooking: Recipes galore! We have […]

We only had 5 days of shrinking, but holy cow, everyone is off with a bang! These numbers are outstanding! Keep up the great work, challengers! First off, the team randomly selected for this week’s prize of either a $10 iTunes or Amazon gift card is: TEAM AWESOME! Ruth Ann H and Lynn U, congrats! […]

 This article is courtesy of The Athlete’s Kitchen, Copyright: Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD, May 2012 More than 450 members of SCAN, the nation’s largest professional group of Sports & Cardiovascular Nutritionists (SCANdpg.org), convened in Baltimore (April 2012) to celebrate SCAN’s 30th birthday and learn the latest sports nutrition news. Here are a few highlights to help […]

Good morning, ladies and gents! How did the first week of the weight loss challenge go? Are you finding support in your buddy? Staying accountable? Kicking ass and taking names? Speaking of names, I have to tell you that I was pretty much rolling when reading the team names you came up with! They are […]

It’s Tuesday, and here at the Sisterhood Tuesday means it’s time for Tootin’. No, not that kind of tootin’. Sheesh. Toot Your Horn! Tell us all the amazing things you’ve accomplished this week. Are you kicking ass on our June Tone-Up Challenge? Are you really sticking with the June Tune-Up Challenge? You know, it’s never […]

Since we became a family of five, air travel of any kind is limited to non-existent.  I mean, have you checked lately how much it costs for five people to fly anywhere, then rent a minivan (because of the car seats for the young children) and then reserve a hotel room for any length of […]

Have you ever really paid attention to the way you talk to yourself? Now, compare that to the way you talk to your kids or your friends. I would venture to guess that there is a big difference between the two. If your friend had a less than ideal workout, would you tell them that […]

Congrats to all of our participants! You did great! Keep on training and we’ll see you for our fall race! Kids’ 5K {12 and Under}                 Jacob    R.    7    male    49:11:00 Emma    H.    9    female    55:05:00 Wade    H.    4    male    55:05:00 Emma    R.    7    female    59:54:00 5K Walk {male}               […]

Happy June 1st, and welcome to the Tune-Up June Challenge! If you’re not familiar with our weight loss challenges, you can read more about the on our current challenge page! The June Tune-Up challenge will run for one month and is a partner challenge. That means you’ll need a partner to participate. It can be […]