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Hello Sisterhood! Today is Toot Your Horn Tuesday, and that means you get to brag all about the awesome things you’ve done this week. Heck, you can even brag about things you did last week if you want! Tell us all how incredibly awesome, strong, smart, beautiful, fast, witty, and brave you are. Tell us about your non-scale victories. Tell us about the weight you lost this week. Leave a comment below and BRAG. That’s an order.

It’s good for you. 😉

Okay, here is my brag for the week.

We have brought on two extremely smart, and beautiful women to write at the Sisterhood! Both of them are tried and true Sisters, have passed all of our special tests and secret handshakes, and have promised to make you laugh and maybe even cry with their personal experiences and journeys. Each one is unique, but each one is also just like you. They both came to the Sisterhood looking for something, and I’m pretty sure they must have found it, because they’ve been stalking, I mean, coming back everyday for a long time.

Please welcome Karena and Mary!!!

If you click on their names, you can learn about what makes them perfect for the Sisterhood. For example, one of them is a Demolition Derby Winner, and the other is living abroad and recently became fluent in French!

Keep your eyes peeled later this week as these great ladies steps out to introduce themselves!

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