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How’s life treating you? And how have you been treating yourself? Taking good care?

About a week ago I noticed I was wheezing at night and a hacking cough was hard to miss also. I woke up to all of this on a Sunday morning which is a time of week I have come to treasure: it’s my running club meeting time. I rolled over and skipped going for my run  but not before posting the question on Facebook in an effort to listen to reason.  I needed to be talked into staying home, as crappy as I was feeling at the time. I really did not want to skip a running club meeting. But sometimes in our effort to be fit and healthy and drop the pounds and shrink the jeans, we also have to be smart about it all. We have to be that word that makes one think of sturdy shoes and reliable vehicles: sensible. It helps when you have smart and sensible friends whom you don’t want to have call you stubborn for not listening to them. I stayed home. Went back to bed. Ended up with a fever later in the day.

I paid my doctor a visit. Diagnosis: bronchitis.  She put me on antibiotics.

“When can I get back to my running?” I asked her. “I am  on a roll and don’t want to lose my mojo.”

“Give it a week. Your body will know.”

Great! For a week I did zilch. I counted down the days. A year and a half ago, a doctor telling me to take a break from exercise would have had no impact on me because I was always on a self-imposed break from exercise it seemed. But this time around, it really bugged me. I MISSED exercise. The break was making me antsy and irritable and worried that any progress with my running was sliding down the drain at a pretty fast pace.

My seven days finally went by. As I write this I am happy to report that I went on a run with my running club this morning.  I was smart about it. Sensible even. I knew I could not do the whole course for the morning without stopping for a few walk breaks so I took them and when I caught my breath, started up again. I am feeling back to myself again and that is good medicine.

Have you ever had to take a break for a while due to not feeling well? Did you have to be talked into taking it easy? How did you get over your fear of back sliding a bit? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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