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Some are related to health and fitness, some are not.

Shall we begin?

I need to register for the 3M Half Marathon on January 13th and also, I need to make some time to buy new running shoes too. My feet hurt.  And while I am thinking about running, am I ready to commit or not to a Austin FULL Marathon on February 17, 2013 (my first full)? It would be my first and I’m still not sure I have the time to dedicate to my training runs….not the shorter runs right now but the longer runs near the end. I’m not exactly worried about race day because I know I will cross the finish line regardless of running, walking, o crawling across it, but I am worried about the logistics of those long training runs and the time it takes away from my family and my already full schedule.


Since I am still thinking about running, I really need to decide if I do indeed wantt to be a Zooma Ambassador for 2013. While I am so freaking honored that they want me back for a third year, once again, I am holding back from jumping on the wagon because my time is so darn precious right now and I just don’t seem to have enough of it- EVER. I love to run, I love to support and motivate others, I love to tout my love for the Zooma Women’s Series all over the place, but do I have enough time to commit?  I guess only I can answer that question.


Also, after reading Shut Up and Run’s post about running a nude race, it got me thinking- would I ever run a nude race? It did not take much thought and the answer is HELL NO, just in case you were wondering. What about you- would you do a nude race OR have you already done one? I think if I even had enough guts to strip down and run nekkid (it’ll never happen), I would probably trip myself running because I would be so busy checking out MYSELF and everything flopping around. AND then, I would look up and get blinded by some guys bare white booty and I would collapse in giggles because I am juvenile like that. Nope, no nude races for me!


I did not go to Fitbloggin this year.  I am so sad that I didn’t get to see all of my fitness friends- new and old. Am I the only who didn’t get to go?!  WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


My hands are dry, what’s your favorite lotion? How can I get more sleep? If you state the obvious- go to bed earlier- than I will punch you (not really). I guess the question really is – how can I get more hours in a day to do all that I need to do? Anyone have a magic formula to get my kids to cooperate with each other, show a little more respect, and eliminate the whining and arguing that sometimes (a lot of times) happens? I know – it’s like I’m asking for world peace.

Allright, those are a few of the things rumbling around in my head.  What about you?

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