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Growing up, my mom repeatedly told me that *you are who you hang out with*, or *you are who your friends are so choose wisely*.  As a teenager, I would roll my eyes and give her the *I know it all, MOM* attitude and think to myself, *does she always have to say that*.

Well, yes, she does and she did and she certainly honed it in my brain.

But we all need a little reminding every now and then, even this forty-something mom.

So when I ran across this saying on Facebook:

Surround Yourself Only With People who Are Going to Lift You Higher.  -Oprah

I thought of my mom…..and Oprah.  They are both very smart women, delivering similar but different messages to me. Who do I surround myself with? Do they lift me higher? Am I choosing rightly?  I like to think I am.

Through the years, especially as an adult, my mom has commented to me on many occasions that she likes my friends (I translate that as an approval, a check in the *yes* column).  I think I have great intuition when making friends and surrounding myself with just the right people, not just in every day life but also here, in my online life.  A lot of you have been instrumental in lifting me higher, especially on those days when I was so down on myself, especially on this continual running journey of mine.  The good days, the bad days, and the ugly days, I have had someone in real life or in my online life rise me higher.

I am so thankful and grateful for that.

It makes me wonder why anyone would want to be around what I call toxic people? You know, the ones who aren’t good for us? That spend their time tearing us down, or telling us we *can’t do it*, or that it’s *only* a few pounds we lost this week and we have so far to go? Or those people who spend all of their talking time talking about themselves and how wonderful they are and don’t take the time to see others and their accomplishments? The ones who focus on the negatives (some of them will even go so far as to say they are just being honest or real, whatever.

It’s hard enough to make positive change in our life without have someone else tearing us down, right?

I ask you- who do you surround yourself with?

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