Mammograms and early breast cancer detection


It’s nearly the end of October (already?!) which means chances are, you have spent the last few weeks being bombarded by pink. Pink. pink. pink. Everywhere you go, we are reminded this is the symbol and color for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In years past,  I ran for the cure. I have baked for the cure. I have donated in various ways over the years and during this year as well. But the one thing I have not done this year? Make an appointment for my mammogram. In other words, I am not showing signs of being a responsible adult. I have been a no show with the mammo.  (sorry I could not resist making a rhyme).

According to the National Cancer Institute, getting a high-quality screening mammogram and having a clinical breast exam  on a regular basis are the most effective ways to detect breast cancer early.

The reminder to make my appointment arrived several weeks ago via a postcard in the U.S. mail. I saw it on a daily basis as it sat on a pile of mail on the  table, day after day, week after week. Another thing to add to my to-do list, even knowing how important this is and knowing there is some family history. I dread the Squish-o-Gram. You take for the fact that I am a huge wimp when it comes to all things related to medicine and doctors, add to that the sheer pain and discomfort of the Pancake Press, and you can see why I would keep putting this off ’till tomorrow.”

As I write this, I promise I will make my appointment tomorrow. As soon as the office opens, they will be hearing from me. What good is eating right and exercise if we are not going to take care of our total bodies?

Is it time for you to pick up the phone, too? Come on. Join me in getting ‘er done. We gotta take care of our girls!

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