Toot Your Horn Tuesday – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I predict that this is going to be a fun week to read Toot Your Horn. I think that many of us did the Zombie Dash and have a lot to brag about. Maybe you didn’t do the 5k, but you did something else that is toot worthy. Whatever you did, this is your chance to get some recognition for it.

I’m excited this morning because I really have something to brag about this week. I did not one, but two Zombie Dashes. Nobody that I was walking with for the Zombie Dash was able to do it on Saturday. They were all busy and could only do it Sunday. I decided that I would set out on my own on Saturday and see how fast I could get it done. Then I did it again on Sunday morning with my husband, daughter, friend and grand puppy. I actually did the one myself faster, but ended up putting in my time for the Sunday 5k. I said that I would post everyone’s time being we all made a point of crossing the finish together to have the same times. I got so used to putting in the same number, I put it in for mine too. No biggie. I know what my time was and I’m proud of my two races.

So….how about you? Let’s hear all about your race. Let’s hear about what you did this past week that made you proud of yourself. Tell us in the comments or if you did a post, leave us the link. We’d love to stop by and read all about it.

Congratulations to everyone on your accomplishments! You rock!!

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