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Welcome to Becoming Me, a monthly blog series where I set out to answer questions developed by Christie Inge, HHC in an effort to dig a little deeper and get to the heart of some of my esteem, body, and food issues.

Last month, I tackled the issue of whether food, weight, and your body image has to be a struggle.

This month’s question:

What are some of the things that you say to yourself about your body?

Ah, yes. The grand old topic of positive self talk. Or, on occasion, negative self talk.

Depending on the day, what I tell myself about my body can run the gamut between awesomeness and just utter self loathing.

In no particular order, here are some of the highlights of my self talk:

  • If only I weren’t so “squishy”.
  • Seriously, you have awesomely long legs.
  • You need to cover those legs up, no one wants to see those bumps.
  • I wish I had a hat so I could cover up my hair.
  • My hair looks gooooooood.
  • If only my stomach were flatter.
  • Why do I have that weird ridge on my upper thigh?
  • Look how far you’ve come!!
  • Thank you, legs, for carrying me 13.1 miles.
  • Seriously, why do you even bother?

I don’t think that the variety of my self talk scripts is that uncommon. I’m pretty sure that at some point EVERYONE has said some amazing things…and some horrific things…about themselves. I think the key to self talk (and almost anything you do, really) is to make sure the good comments outnumber the bad comments.

Christie Inge, HHC is an intuitive eating and body image coach and is the creator of The Body Love Alchemy Community. After years on the diet and binge roller coaster, she realized that the answers she was looking for had nothing to do with the size of her blue jeans or the food on her plate. She set out onto a quest to make peace with food, her body and her weight once and for all. She began sharing her experiences on her popular, heartfelt blog. Overtime, she found that her greatest gift was helping women, just like her, overcome their struggles, too.

She has taken what she learned in the school of hard knocks and coupled that with what she has learned in her professional trainings to create a system that has helped thousands of women to make peace with food and to stop hating their bodies. She offers support, insight, and real world tools for creating a body and life you love. You can stay in touch with by subscribing to her inspirational weekly eLetter or join the conversation facebook and twitter.

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