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Thanksgiving is over – know what that means? We’re in full on holiday mode. Meaning lots of food, lots of stress and super crazy schedules.

Or is that just me? Sigh.

Holiday stress + ample amounts of delicious treats = me eating my feelings. Not a good equation, y’all. Not good at all.

What I’ve found helps is focusing on things other than myself. And honestly, isn’t that what we should ALL be doing around the holidays (or all year, for that matter?)?  Giving is good for your heart – and it doesn’t always need to be spendy. Your TIME is invaluable.

You might be stuck on ways to give – what can you offer?

Here are a few ways to give to give your heart a happiness workout!


  • 25 Days of Giving: If you’ve got kids (or even if you don’t), this is a WONDERFUL idea. There’s a huge list of things to do make brighten someone else’s day – to make a difference. Some of them cost a bit, many of them are free.
  • Adopt a child or a family for Christmas. My family used to always pick an angel off of the Salvation Army tree in our bank. Then my parents would take us out shopping for the child we chose. Check with your local Salvation Army or YWCA for opportunities.
  • Volunteer and/or donate to your local food bank. Food banks are a hugely utilized in all communities. They are a lifeline to so many. The Feeding America website is a good resource to find volunteer opportunities. Another site to try is
  • Serve at your local soup kitchen. Use a search engine or your local phone book to local one nearby.
  • Charitable giving. There are so many amazing charities out there. Around here, we’re pretty passionate about charity:water, Autism Speaks, and the American Cancer Society, to name just a few. Find one that speaks to you. If you have someone on your Christmas list who is impossible to buy for, consider making a donation in their name.
  • Want something super easy? Next time you’re in line for a coffee at a drive through, pay for yours AND the person behind you. Often, it starts a chain reaction of paying it forward and makes everyone involved feel good.
  • Animals need love too! And sometimes, during the holidays, you just don’t want to deal with people anymore. Volunteer at a local animal shelter. Animals love ANY attention and are grateful for everything. Well, at least dogs are. Cats, not so much.
  • Have a bunch of friends who want to help out together? Deliver brown bag meals to the homeless. Take an afternoon to assemble – everyone brings a component. Put together as many bags as you can, then load them up and drive around and deliver.

Those are just a few ways you can help out this holdiay season – there are many, many more.

Do you give during the holidays (or year round)? Let us know in the comments!

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