Great Maintenance Challenge Check In – Week 1


Wow, can you believe it?  Thanksgiving was nearly a week ago already!  How is that even possible?!  Since it has been nearly a week, you know what that means, right?  It’s time for our first weekly check-in for The Great Maintenance Challenge!

Did you indulge in too many goodies?  Did you let Thanksgiving Day become Thanksgiving really really long weekend?  Whatever you did, it’s time to face the music and the scale.   Remember though, even if you do happen to be up a bit, the ultimate goal for this challenge is maintenance.  You’ve got plenty of time to recover before the next big eating event for Christmas next month.  That’s the beauty of this challenge, as long as you stay on track the rest of the time, it gives you a bit of wiggle room for the actual day of each holiday and still pull out a maintain over the holiday season as a whole.

Don’t forget, we also have prizes!  One person (who checks in on time) will win a great prize an EatSmart GetFit Body Fat scale AND an Active Accessories On-the-Go Pouch! Even better?  At the end of the challenge, one person who has checked in all five weeks on time will be randomly chosen to win a BodyMedia Fit or Core armband so they can rock our New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge.

Ok, so now it’s time to check in. Just fill out the form with your info and then submit it.  Don’t forget, You must do this by 9:00 p.m. Central Time.  After all the information has been compiled, the leaderboard will be posted tomorrow.

Check-in Form:


Big thanks to EatSmart and Active Accessories!


We also appreciate BodyMedia Armbands for their FIT or Core Armband prize!

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