The Great Pinterest Roundup: Why You Should Stretch


Stretching is such an important part of your workout, but you probably don’t take the time to do it. Do you? I know it’s hard enough trying to find time to fit a workout in your busy schedule, but trust me, you have time to stretch! Do you want to know why you should stretch? Oh, there are so many wonderful reasons to stretch, and I promise if you just take 5 minutes each day, your entire body will thank you.

Here’s a great article about running and the importance of stretching from Coach Joe.

  • Coach Joe answers questions on the best stretches pre- and post-running.

Why You Should Stretch:

  1. Stretching makes your muscles longer and leaner.
  2. Stretching will improve your flexibility as well as your range of motion.
  3. Stretching helps reduce soreness after your workout.
  4. Stretching helps prevent injuries.
  5. Stretching reduces muscle tension.
  6. Stretching improves circulation.
  7. Stretching promotes better posture.

One thing I’ve learned is you really can sneak in some stretching anywhere and anytime!

Here are some great pins I’ve added to our Stretch pinboard on Pinterest! Be sure you’re following us!

Stretch at work!

Source: via shrinkingjeans on Pinterest

Stretch in bed!

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