The Great Maintenance Challenge Check-In {Week 3} – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Ack! Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Heather and I’m a disorganized mess today. That’s why this post is so late. No excuses, except I’m just a whirlwind of forgetfulness! Moving on…

How did you do this week? Are you maintaining? Losing, even? Are the holidays getting to you or are you keeping your cool? Let us know!

Don’t forget, we also have some super-awesome prizes! One person (who checks in on time) will win a great prize an EatSmart GetFit Body Fat scale AND an Active Accessories On-the-Go Pouch! Even better? At the end of the challenge, one person who has checked in all five weeks on time will be randomly chosen to win a BodyMedia Fit or Core armband so they can rock our New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge.

Some other business:

Christy and Melissa started a new website a month or two ago, and while it’s primarily geared towards oilfield wives, they have practical advice and fun articles for ALL women. Check out 12 Ways to Survive When You and Your Man Are Butting Heads! I’m not an oilfield wife, but it’s definitely advice I can use!

Did you read Nancy’s (our ‘older’ sister – and by older I mean AWESOME) post on sleep? Go do it! Nancy also celebrated a birthday yesterday! Happy birthday!

Have you checked out the Lane Bryant Pinterest Giveaway? Even if you’re not on Pinterest, you should definitely check out Lane Bryant for some sparkly, sexy holiday outfits!

If you’re having a hard time sticking to a sensible eating plan, head over to Shrinking Kitchen. We’ve got lots of great ideas, and 40+ meal plans to get you through the holdiays – and beyond!

Is your O’Fitness tree filling up with stickers? Let us know how you are progressing!


Big thanks to EatSmart and Active Accessories!

We also appreciate BodyMedia Armbands for their FIT or Core Armband prize!

The Form:

Are you ready to check in? . Just fill out the form with your info and then submit it. Don’t forget, You must do this by 9:00 p.m. Central Time. After all the information has been compiled, the challenge honor roll will be posted tomorrow.

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