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Can you believe the first year of the month is behind us already? Over! Done! In the books! How are you doing on the health and fitness goals you told yourself you want to achieve in 2013? Was it a banner month for you? If so, fantastic! Keep it up! Maybe spend a few minutes today reflecting on what has been working well and how you can keep that momentum going.

Perhaps something in January already had you feeling a bit derailed and defeated. It happens. Our best intentions get blown to pieces when bombarded by obligations, family and work responsibilities and that never-ending To Do list.  The good news is that there is no reason why Feb. 1 can’t be YOUR Jan. 1. Why the heck not? I like to set goals at the start of each month.  I write them out and keep a copy on the fridge and a copy on my desk at work. I have even been known to print them out and cut them to fit into a small frame on my desk! Monthly goals help me to break down the larger picture. Granted, we have a shorter month than usual upon us, but think about it. What can you actually achieve in the next 28 days? You can see results and you can see progress, trust me!

If your January was not as strong as you would have liked it to have been, never fear. There are 11 more months to be awesome. To be proud. To be excited about what lies down the road. To be committed to YOU and your health and happiness.

Have you signed up for the DietBet game that is getting ready to start? This is a great way to get some momentum going for you!  I was a part of a different DietBet game for January and it helped me to drop some weight and kept me focused. Not to mention winning some moolah! Who doesn’t like that? I will be signing up for the current game as well.

Let’s make February fabulous! It is the month of LOVE! What better way to make love visible to the world  than by taking care of ourselves? Who is with me? I had a pretty good January myself but I am working hard at making the next 28 days even better. There are things I need to improve upon (hello, too many late late nights staying up for no good reason). What do you want to see happen in the next month? What CAN you do?

Don’t give up on 2013. Don’t give up on you. Don’t.Give.Up!

I would love to hear some of your monthly goals in the comments!

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