Ready, Set, GOALS! The Link Up


Hello Shrinkers!!  If you were paying attention, a couple of days ago Lissa challenged all of us to come up with goals for the next 8 weeks for our new weight loss challenge.  Did you come up with yours?  Did you blog about them?  Well, it’s time to link up!

Now I know from reading the comments on Lissa’s post that some of you linked up over there.  If you don’t mind, could you please link up again here?  Thanks!  There’s a cool Linky Tools gadget below where you can add them.  By putting them all here together, it’ll be easy at the end of the challenge to go back and see how we all did with meeting our goals.

If you haven’t already decided on your goals and written them out, now’s the time!  As a remember, make them specific! Don’t just list the goal, but list your plans on how you’ll accomplish it, too.  Be as detailed as possible because the more you can map out your plan, the more likely you are to reach your goals.  To help you out, here are my goals for the challenge:

Weight Loss – Lose 15 pounds

  • Attend my weekly Weight Watchers meeting unless I’m sick or out of town.
  • Track my food every day — good, bad, or ugly.
  • Drink at least 64 oz. of non-carbonated beverages every day (water, juice, milk, etc.)


  • Complete at least 200 minutes of intentional exercise per week.
  • Wear my Fitbit every day.
  • Make use of the extensive collection of mostly unused (oops!) fitness DVDs I have by trying one new workout per week.

Well, those are my goals.  Now, don’t forget, you need to reward yourself as part of this process, too!  I’m on a Spending Diet this year, so my reward for meeting my goals will be going for a deluxe spa pedi.  Seriously, after giving up my beloved biweekly pedicures for the year, being able to get one at the end of this challenge is a HUGE motivation to make sure I meet my goals. LOL

Ok, so now is the time to link up. The link up list will only be available until 11:59pm CT next Friday night (Jan. 11), so be sure to get your link added soon.  Once you’ve added your own link, be sure to stop by some of the blogs of your fellow challengers to check out their goals and encourage them.

Here’s to a GREAT challenge!!


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