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The winner of our Extra Gum Simple Swaps Giveaway is Amy Lynn. Congratulations! Please email me ([email protected]) with your mailing info to send off to get your prize in the mail. Thank you to everyone for entering and for sharing all your great swaps.

Did you know that 92 percent of Americans break their resolutions after the first two weeks of January? I was floored. Does it really happen that quickly? It is kind of a sobering thought that we can forget what is important that easily.

We are already into the third month of 2013. How are you doing with the resolutions/goals you set for yourself for the new year? Are you still right in the thick of it or are you starting to wane a little bit? I may have something to reignite your fire if you are falling off the wagon a little.

Extra Gum has come up with the Simple Swaps Challenge. It’s time to ditch the usual overhaul of resolutions and get back to the basics. This year, Extra® gum and Melissa Rycroft are partnering to encourage simple decisions that empower people to be their best selves—without sacrificing the things they love.
I’m sure you all know Melissa Rycroft of The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars fame. She has has come up with some great swaps for the challenge. Here are a few of her favorites. 1. Dish it – “An easy way to control portion sizes when cooking at home is to use a medium-sized plate instead of a large one. My eyes can be bigger than my stomach and I find myself piling on too much food if my plate has room for it.” 2. Get physical – “My schedule can be stressful. In order to avoid stress eating, I make sure to have other outlets to relieve the stress. I’ll throw on my running shoes and take my daughter Ava for a walk outdoors or call up a girlfriend and have her come over for a dance session. Ava gets a kick out of watching us and will even try to join in!“ 3. Stick to it – “Choosing a stick of Extra® gum over a higher-calorie snack is a small, easy change that helps me keep my resolutions. At 5 calories per stick, I can feel good about enjoying the delicious flavor.”

4. Dress down – “Instead of creamy salad dressings, I use olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar. Not only is it healthier, the simplicity of the dressing lets me enjoy the taste of the fresh ingredients.”

Melissa hosted a panel of health & wellness experts on behalf of Extra gum. I encourage you to check out the five-part video series with content from this event, including a few of Melissa’s Simple Swaps. Videos are available to watch on the Extra gum’s YouTube channel.

I’ve made some simple swaps of my own. The most important one for me has been cutting out diet pop and drinking water, water and more water. It has definitely made a difference in the way I feel. I have to admit that I wasn’t a gum person before. I was like a two year old and would chew it for a minute or two and then swallow it. I tried a few of the Extra Gum flavors and I don’t do that anymore. They have some delicious flavors. I tried the root beer float, apple pie and sweet watermelon. Awesome!

Now, here comes the fun part. Extra Gum has a giveaway for you. Hence the title, Extra Gum Simple Swaps Challenge and Giveaway. They would love to send one of you an Extra Simple Swaps reusable tote bag that includes a month’s supply of Extra gum, a journal for daily tracking, and a $40. Whole Foods gift card. How does that sound? I thought you’d like it!

Your mandatory entry is to come up with three simple swaps of your own and leave them in the comment section. For one extra entry, “like” Extra Gum on Facebook and leave me another comment saying that you did.

You have one week to enter this giveaway. Entries will close on the evening of March 12. Look for the post to be updated on March 13.

Happy Simple Swapping!

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