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The Run at the Sisterhood Facebook page is growing by leaps and bounds! In hopes of inspiring and motivating new and seasoned runners, as well as the ones still sitting on the couch, we have started a new series of posts where we feature runners from around our ‘hood.

Our first featured runner is Amanda…..here is what she has to say.

First Name: Amanda
State? Ohio
What is the longest distance you have run? 13.46 miles
Why did you start running? I needed to lose weight
Why do you KEEP running? Running changed my life. I lost weight and became so much healthier. Running was and continues to be a way for me to deal with all of the stresses in my life. Running is a way for me to just let go. It challenges me every time I go out. I never in my life thought I would be a runner. I am so glad I stuck with it! The running community is so welcoming and honestly great.
What is your most proud running moment? On Sunday April 28th I completed my first half marathon! Nike Women’s DC! I ran my first mile in June, my first 5k in October and now a half marathon. By far the best thing I have ever done!
Have you ever had a runner’s high? Best feeling ever. The first time I got it was when I made it all the way around the track for the first time.
Have you ever lost a toenail? NO! I hope I never do.
Do you have a BRF (best running friend)? Boyfriend, Ryan 🙂
Do you have a running mantra and what is it? Just Believe.
What songs get you through the tough runs? Any country song and I love it (I don’t care)!
What is your favorite piece of running gear? Spi belt.
What would be your dream race to run (if you like to run races)? I ran my dream race this past weekend NWM. I now, though, hope one day I can run Boston.
Have you ever thought of throwing in the towel? A few miles in I say WHY?! and few miles later I remember.
What running apps/sites do you use? Nike+ So great
What piece of advice would you give a new runner? Never let your mind hold you back. YOU CAN DO IT! Just believe 🙂

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