Blast into Summer! A new weight loss challenge!


Good morning! Summer is almost upon us {North Dakota didn’t get the memo, apparently} and this means dresses! shorts! bathing suits! and you don’t want to find yourself wishing that you worked harder to lose those extra pounds. Today is the day! A brand new weight loss challenge is starting here at the Sisterhood, which means the start to a brand new YOU!

Challenge Details

Head on over to our Dietbet page and sign up! The cost is $40, but if you lose 4% of your total body weight or more, you will earn that back AND THEN SOME! The total pot, which currently  stands over $3,000, will be split among the winners! Money is a great motivator and you will have lots of wonderful support from our community!

Leave us a comment below introducing yourself and stating your goals for the next four weeks! If you blog, leave a link to your post! Each Wednesday, stop back and check in with your progress! If you haven’t subscribed to our weekly newsletter, make sure you do so! It’s full of great tips, healthy recipes, and important information for your healthy living journey!

Other Business

Have you joined our 30-Day Ab Challenge? Tone your abs and be on your way to a six-pack! Other {free!} workout calendars can be found in our workout library.

Today is National Running Day! Get out there and RUN and then check in with us on our running page on Facebook! New to running? Read How to Start Running Now!

Meet our Nutrition Expert and win a week of her nutrition services. Jodi has a wealth of knowledge on healthy living!

That’s all I’ve got for today! Have a great week everyone!

Disclosure: DietBet keeps a percentage of each pot to facilitate the challenges, and as affiliates of DietBet, we receive compensation to host DietBet Games.

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