Toot Your Horn Tuesday (when the impossible becomes the possible)


Tuesdays are our BragAboutyerBadSelf Days here at The Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans. We toot our own horn. Sometimes, as you will read in a bit, it means sharing a story about when the impossible becomes possible. This is also known as sharing  our victories – big and small -with each other. Whether that means an extra rep with a heavy weight, adding another lap to your workout at the local track, or passing up the birthday cake of yet another co-worker, when you are on a health and fitness journey, you KNOW that all of those things hold a particular importance to you.

This particular Tuesday is a day I have been looking forward to for about three months. It is the day I get to share with you all that I completed my first half marathon on June 1. When most of all the 5ks you have ever completed involved walk breaks, signing up for a half marathon is a lofty goal. I knew this when I hit the ‘submit’ button and paid my entry fee back in March. And I knew this on each of my training runs over my three- month prep period and on each and every mile on race day. There was always a voice inside of me that said “What business do YOU have being in this half marathon? You know you are out of your league.”

I followed a training schedule, at first like clockwork. Like it was my new job to put in those particular miles on day x y and z. As the weeks went on, and life got in the way – unexpected trips out of town, family obligations, prior commitments, my training schedule, shall we say, got a bit more “fluid”. I still tried my best to keep up with the mileage.  I would do as much as I could, when I could, trying to not get down about not following the plan to a “T” and still be OK with that. My running coach kept saying that when race day arrives, THAT is the easy part, all the hard work was done and this was just a “wrap up” to all those workouts.

I had one goal: finish. On the day of the race which greeted us with brutal heat, my one goal was modified: finish, without medical assistance. And by the grace of God, that is exactly what happened. Did I feel like giving up? Oh yes – between miles 8-11 to be exact. But I knew I wouldn’t. I knew I couldn’t.  I knew I had to finish what I started and I knew that when you boast and tell the world (love that Facebook)  that you are doing your first half marathon, you – who is not what anyone would consider a “real” runner to be or look like – want to cross that finish line to prove to them and to yourself that yes, it can be done.

Yes, it CAN BE DONE!! The impossible IS possible!

How have you been pushing yourself lately? What is it you are proud of? In what ways are you going beyond your comfort zone? We all know that is where the magic happens!

Please share in the  comments. We are rooting for you!!

Me as a hot mess, also known as that post-race glow!

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