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Good morning all you lovely peeps! I’m so glad you are here today! I hope that you are enjoying your summer and getting to do some fun things with family and friends.

If you have been here a while you know the drill for Wednesday morning! Get on that scale and tell us how you are doing!

If you are new here, we always check in on Wednesday mornings…it helps to weigh in first thing in the morning because that is an accurate weight before the day gets going! So hop on the scale and leave us a comment and let us know how your week went. I promise to high five you if you did great or give you an encouraging  push in the right direction swift kick in the arse if that’s what you need!

As for me….I’m going to veer off the path for a minute and tell you that TODAY, Wednesday, July 24th is my oldest son’s 23rd birthday and he is HOME ON LEAVE!! I get to celebrate his special day with him and I’m so happy!

I can’t tell you how excited I was for him to be home this week. We haven’t seen him since Christmas and I have lost 45 pounds since then! Being a typical man I had to ask him what he thought of his “new mom”? He said he barely recognized me when I met him out in the driveway Friday night and that he was proud of me! What better response could I have asked for? NONE!! It was so nice to have my hard work acknowledged like that. BUT….I’ve been drinking too many cokes lately and that must stop! I’m giving myself some flexibility until the first of August but then I’m committing to giving up the cokes again! Won’t you join me?

So, what are you proud of this week? Are you participating in the yoga challenge I set up last week? You can find out more about it here. Yoga is such a wonderful way to reduce stress in our life. Give it a try, I’m sure you will love it!

What about our arm challenge? Are you doing that one? I started to do it but got lazy and busy and yadayadayada! But I know I really need to tone these arms….maybe I will start again today. Or maybe I will just sit around and wait till the August calendar comes out….

My family is going on a mini-vacation this weekend and I’m so excited to spend some time doing some fun site-seeing with my brother’s family so I’m sure I will be needing to read through Mary’s post before leaving town Friday morning!

You are worth it, too!!

Hope y’all have a great week!



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