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We are in the dog days of summer, folks. Are you lucky enough to be part of this heat wave that has been going on lately? If you are like me,  it is sucking the life outta ya! Raise your hands if you could use a dose of motivation this Monday morning! Who doesn’t need a shot in the arm now and then? Even when I am on a roll (and ahem, it has been awhile), there are still times I need motivation to get me out the door, all laced up and raring to go.

What has worked for YOU in terms of giving your motivation a boost when it needs it?

I will share some of what has helped me lately.

1. Gadgets: Just tonight I saw on my FitBit that I was at 8,313 steps at around 11 p.m. I set a goal for myself via my Goal Master app (free for the iPhone) that I would hit 10,000 steps on most days of the month of July. (By using the word most, I give my mind a break from the all or nothing way of my usual thinking.) So I did some laps walking around between the living room, dining room and kitchen until that FitBit said 10,000. Here is how my goal of hitting 10,000 steps on  most days of the month of July is shaping up:

Speaking of apps, that brings me to my next tip on what gives my motivation a jump start.

2. Trying out a new app. If you are an app and gadget kinda girl, trying out a new app now and then can be breath of fresh air. Goal Master has done the trick for me lately (I am not a paid spokesperson for them by the way!). Some other ideas I am giving a try: choosing a training program on RunKeeper. Also, I have been loving my Hydrate Yourself app (again, free for iPhone) which records and motivates you to monitor your daily water intake.

3, Trying a new workout. I go to or my OnDemand Sports and Fitness Channel  and see how many different workouts (all free!) I can choose in a week. YouTube also comes in handy for this.

4.Making a new healthy recipe. My husband is the main cook in the house. I feel guilty about that. He enjoys it and I suck at it. From time to time, to give him a night “off” without my resorting to take-out Chinese or the expense of dinner out, I will actually cook something. Usually it is a recipe from our fantastic sister site, The Shrinking Kitchen or from the Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion app for the iPad. Cooking a healthy dish not only gives my husband a break, but it makes me feel empowered knowing I can create something to nourish my body and to boost my confidence in the kitchen.

5. Inviting a friend to come along. Whether it’s on a walk, run or hike, or to try out a new class, having a friend along for the ride makes the time go by so much faster. It is a benefit to both of us.

What has worked for you to keep you motivated lately? Are you training for a particular race? Have a class reunion coming up? Vacation on the horizon? Tried out something new that gave you a boost?

What is one thing that has helped to keep you moving lately?

Please hit us up in the comments! We want to hear from you!

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