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As so many of us celebrate today with family, friends, BBQ’s, pool parties and fireworks, just remember that today is BUT one day of celebration.  You still have a lifetime journey ahead of you of healthy living and eating.  I highly recommend the following:

1. HYDRATE.  It is hot outside and in some areas, very humid.  The heat can zap your energy and make you feel crummy.  Also, you may think you’re hungry when you are really THIRSTY.  Drink lots of water, especially if you are outside in the heat.

2. EXERCISE.  Before the day gets going, sneak in some exercise, ANY kind of exercise.  Run, walk, lift weights, ride a bike, go for a swim- doesn’t matter what- just get your body moving and break a sweat.  After I publish this post, I am hitting the gym for a one hour Zumba class!

3. DON’T GO CRAZY AT THE BUFFET LINE!  As you are gathering with friends and family and all the yummy things they brought to eat, just choose wisely as you load up your plate.  I am not telling you NOT to eat that or that or that, but do exercise some restraint with portion size and definitely stray away from seconds.  If you have volunteered to make/bring something, this is YOUR chance to put something healthy and good for you on the table.  I am speaking to myself as much as to you.  I am making a *salad* comprised of fresh broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini tossed with olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper- YUMMY!  Also, check out Shrinking Kitchen for some great recipe ideas.

I hope ya’ll have a wonderful day- safe travels, have fun and be active!

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