30 day amazing butt challenge monthly workout calendar


Apps for training at home: yoga, fitness and cardio can also be done at home thanks to technology, here are the best free and paid apps Apps for working out at home when you can’t go to the gym are a lifesaver.

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Of course, you can train yourself, but having an exercise plan and timing to follow makes everything much easier and more effective.

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In the sea of ​​apps available, however, it is difficult to find those that are truly valid.

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That’s why we have selected 8 that we assure you to do their job very well, based on your needs or preferences.

From Nike to Adidas, passing through programs like that of fit-star Kayla Itsines and yoga and resistance training plans, here are the best apps to keep fit from home, even in a few minutes and without equipment.

Nike Training is an app for a complete aerobic workout (free)Nike is a free home training application suitable for all levels.In fact, you can choose between different training intensities, and also based on the time you have available.The exercises to do are shown in the video: so everything is clearer.

There is also strenght yoga and the “7 minute total body desk detox” program, suitable for beginners.Adidas Training by Runtastic, complete aerobic training with vocal trainer (free)Free training app that creates a training program based on your needs and goals: if you want to stay fit, lose weight, gain muscle mass and so on.

  • The intensity of movement is then chosen.
  • Many programs, also based on duration.

The voice trainer guides you through the workout.
fitness appSweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness is the best app for workouts designed for women (paid with free trial week)

The app of the queen of fitness Kayla Itsines (12.3 million followers on Instagram) is paid: it costs 19.99 euros per month (or 119.99 euros per year), with a free trial seven days after the which you can deactivate without incurring payments.

Dedicated to women, it offers programs for all levels, even for new mothers who want to get back in shape after pregnancy.

Alternatively, always for a fee, you can download eBooks from her site.
Seven – 7 minutes of exercises, an app to train at home a few minutes a day (for a fee with a free trial week)

Perfect app for those who work a lot even from home and can’t carve out that daily hour to devote themselves to fitness. You choose the training goal and time (a reminder is scheduled) and the training lasts, as the name suggests, 7 minutes.Are they enough? Yes, if done consistently every day.Challenges proposed as games make training lighter.


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