Relaxed with Yoga


On July 15th I wrote about doing Yoga to help lower your stress levels. Did you do your minimum of 12 days of yoga for 30 minutes a session this month? I’m disappointed to say that I did NOT end up participating in my own challenge. Pretty pathetic…BUT, I have lots of great excuses. Like my Marine son and his girlfriend came home for 8 wonderful days, then we traveled out of town for a long weekend where my 9 year old son had a severe allergic reaction to HOUSTON!! After returning home I had to jump right into a 3 week long marathon karate camp for him where I was gone from home all afternoon! This messed my routine and schedule up far more than I had anticipated and blah, blah, blah with lots more excuses!

But….I’ve been checking up on y’all as much as I can and several of you appear to have participated in the challenge. I really hope you did relieve some stress. I know a lot of people are very stressed out right now especially those with kids heading back to school.

I home school my son and I’m hoping to incorporate some yoga into our daily schedule when things get a little stressful around here. Between the yoga and the calming classical music I’m going to play during the day I’m hoping for a much better year of school!

If you did participate in the challenge please let me know in the comments below and hopefully you can provide a bit of “proof” for your 12 sessions of yoga from this past month. I have a wonderful 31 Gifts  Out N’ About Thermal Bag as a reward for one lucky yoga participant! These bags ARE.THE.BEST! They keep your drinks (or food) cold for hours even in the hot, Texas sun!! I love mine and I know you will too! So…Who participated? Who can show me some proof?

Leave me a comment with a valid email address and I will have my 9 year old son choose a winner on Sunday night by 8 pm central time. If I don’t hear back from you within 24 hours I will choose someone else! Good luck!

****Disclaimer: I paid for the 31 Gifts bag with money my husband worked for! It was my decision to offer this as a prize. No one forced me to buy it or to give it away! 🙂

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