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I’ve been making excuses for the past couple of months…and I’m DONE with a capital D.O.N.E with those excuses!

**I’ve been doing so good….it’s ok to relax a little.

REALITY: No, it’s not ok to relax a little when that relaxing leads to drinking gallons of coke and barely any water!

**It’s too hot outside to exercise….

REALITY: It’s summer and you live in Texas!! Do you really think it’s NOT gonna be hot??? Who cares if it’s 80+* outside at 7:30a.m.! Are you exercising outside??? NO!! Then deal with it!!!

**You’ve come so far this year! You deserve a little break!!

REALITY: Yes, I have done well this year BUT I still have a good 20-30 pounds to go. I’m not going to meet my goals if I don’t get refocused and start back to exercising daily and watching those calories.


Today is my Reset Day! No cokes for at least 30 days…Drinking my 100 ounces of water a day…Making sure I get in good cardio and toning working (like the Ab challenge) daily. I also put together a yoga challenge in the middle of July to help fight off stress and got busy with life and haven’t been doing it! I’m getting back to that this week, too since I’m about to start our next homeschool year and I don’t even have my curriculum yet I figure I need to reduce my stress!! I walk TONS on the weekends (I’m walking the Komen 3-Day in November so I train on the weekends)  when most people take a break is when I really get some serious exercise done. BUT…for me, I’ve found if I want results I must exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY! Most people can take a break occasionally but for my body and my metabolism; which is severely weird with extremely low thyroid and very few hormones (thanks to menopause at a earlier age than my gyn thinks is possible) I must exercise daily!!

Focus http://pinterest.com/dfun/

The key here is finding what works for YOU!! Once you have found what works for you then DO IT!!!

If you aren’t quiet sure what you need to do and need a little guidance our very own Jodi is having a Slim Down Detox that starts Monday so hurry and get registered for it. From what I understand you will LOVE the results you get and how wonderful you feel!!

If that isn’t something you want to do right now then stick around and you will have the opportunity for a new challenge coming up soon!!

So….tell me. Do you need a reset? Are you doing the Yoga Challenge? If you are please make sure you let me know! I have a great little prize set aside for you if you do all 12 days of the challenge and let me know about it in the comments on the original post or on FaceBook or twitter using the #shrinkingjeansyoga

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