10 Things I Learned At My Last Race | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Over the last four years, I have run multiple 5k’s, 10k’s and half marathons.  Here are a few observations I made during my last race, a Turkey Trot 5 Miler!

  1. If your race happens to include hills, it really helps to train on hills.
  2. Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and just run.
  3. After doing several half marathons, running 5 miles for a race doesn’t seem so daunting.
  4. Even if it is cold when you leave your house in the morning, you should layer layer layer.  That way, if the sun starts heating up the day, you can peel off layer after layer to get to the right amount of clothes.
  5. Be careful when you are running a race with lots of walkers, strollers and dogs.  Give ample space when passing so that you don’t bump into anyone or trip.  It is OK to slow down if you have to while doing so.
  6. Do warm-up before your race.  My warm-up includes running 0.5-1 miles slowly and then stretching.
  7. Take pictures…..of everything.
  8. Make sure your running shoes are tied exactly the way you like so that you don’t to stop during the race to re-ty them!
  9. Give yourself plenty of time to hit the port-a-potty pre-race.
  10. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

What have you observed or learned from running races?

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