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I realize that most of us are out shopping today for all those Black Friday deals, I know I broke my own cardinal rule and actually went shopping on Thanksgiving night! Please don’t hate me!! It was fun and I got a few good deals with a friend! but we still need to take a few minutes today and take care of our health and fitness! Especially after eating so much yummy food and desserts yesterday. I know we still have a ton of leftovers, too so I really need to take a few minutes and do something to do a bit of a workout!

So here is what I propose. I propose that we stop browsing online while we are waiting for the checkout line to dwindle down and we do a few simple exercises. Most people won’t even notice what we are doing and we will be burning a few extra calories in the process.

These are all very simple and easy to do things and imagine how much we can accomplish while waiting to move to the front of the line. Or if you are lucky enough to be somewhere that doesn’t really have a line, maybe you can let someone else move ahead of you. Especially if that someone looks frazzled!! Think how you could change that person’s day…not to mention you can get a bit of a workout in!

Here’s your mini-workout to help to ensure you get some Black Friday Fitness in while shopping! Do it every time you have to stand in line for more than 5 minutes (which will probably be all day long)!!

  • Calf raises — Do 1 set of 12
  • Standing Oblique Crunches – Do 1 set of 12 – on each side
  • Butt Squeezes — Do 1 set of 12
  • Bicep Curls — Do 1 set of 12  (You are holding things in your hands anyway, so you may as well lift them up!)
  • Tricep Curls — Do 1 set of 12 (This could look a bit strange but like I said most people aren’t looking at you anyway!)

Repeat throughout the day as you are shopping and you will have completed an amazing workout by the time you get home with all your packages!

I hope y’all had an amazing Thanksgiving and enjoy celebrating the rest of this year in the healthiest way possible!!



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