Squat and Push-Up 31-Day Bootcamp {a monthly workout calendar}


2013 is nearing an end and throughout the year we brought you twelve awesome {and FREE} monthly workout calendars. Have you been following along? Do you feel strong and amazing? 2014 will be no different… we will continue to challenge you and provide our free fitness calendars each month to help you achieve your best self!

We are starting the new year off with a bang! We have a weight loss bootcamp, couch-to-5K program, virtual 5K/10K run and walk, and a new workout calendar -the Squat and Push-Up 31-Day Bootcamp! For the next 31 days, you will be squatting and push-upping your way to a fabulous ass and sculpted arms. Are you ready?

Before we start, go take before and after pictures of yourself. Hurry! You won’t believe your eyes come February!

Rest days are provided every five days to give you a chance to let your muscles recoup. As with all of our monthly workout calendars, these daily exercises are intended to supplement your current fitness routine.

On weeks 1 & 2, do two sets of each exercises. On weeks 3 through 5, perform three sets of each!

Stay aware of your form at all times! It’s quality, not quantity that counts. If you find the daily total too difficult to achieve, just do as many as you can, or break it up into smaller sets. If you need to modify your push-ups, do so! Think the challenge is too easy? Add in weights or a kettlebell while you are squatting and a clap with each push-up! This workout is for YOU. Challenge yourself, but not to the point of injury.

Squats:  What is the proper form for squats? This video will demonstrate!

Pushups:  Read this article on how to do a proper push-up, or modify push-ups to your individual fitness level.

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The hashtag we will be using as we tweet, Facebook, and pin how many squats and push-ups we do? #bodybootcamp

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