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If only taking weight off was as swift as putting it on! Although there’s no magic meal that will automatically melt fat off your body, there is food that will boost your metabolism, helping your body burn fuel and fat more efficiently.

To be as succinct as possible, it comes down to this: Clean food supports a fast metabolism. When you eat food that clogs your digestive system, such as refined sugar, trans-fatty acids, and processed food, your metabolism slows. When you focus your daily diet on clean food like fresh produce, lean protein, and moderate amounts of healthy fat, your metabolism soars.

So what to eat, you ask? These Top 14 Fat Burning Foods are an excellent place to start:

Grapefruit: High fiber, plus ample vitamin C, make this citrus fruit the #1  fat burning favorite.

Kale: Is there anything kale can’t do? Loaded with nutrients, protein, fiber, and calcium, this is one of the absolute best weight loss, health boosting foods around.

Lemons: Vitamin C helps the liver metabolize fat, boost the immune system, and flush toxins from the body.

Watermelon: Lycopene, vitamin A, antioxidants and vitamin C help boost your body’s fat burning potential. They’re also great for hydrating the body; a key element to maintain a healthy body weight.

Seeds: Nutritional superfoods, seeds like chia and flax, are loaded with protein, fiber and calcium, helping your body burn off excess fat and maintain balanced energy levels.

Salmon: High in omega 3’s, wild caught salmon boosts metabolism, improves insulin function, and helps burn fat off the body.

Avocado: Due to their high mono-saturated fat content, avocados boost metabolism and help the body use up the fat stores required for energy to break down food for digestion

Cayenne Pepper: Capsaicin, the chemical compound found in hot peppers, raise body temperate and kick your metabolism up a notch. Not everyone can handle heat, however; so eat according to your body’s individual needs.

Apples: An apple a day……but seriously, high fiber and low sugar content make this fruit an absolute fat burning staple.

Broccoli: When in doubt, always go green! Loaded with vitamin A, fiber, vitamin C, calcium, and a host of other nutrients, broccoli keeps your metabolism functioning at its best.

Berries: Antioxidants are great for fighting free radicals, repairing the body, and flushing fats. Plus they’re delicious and easy to eat daily!

Lentils: A great combination of fiber and protein found in these easy to digest help the body burn fat and shed pounds.

Green Tea: EGCG, the plant compound naturally found in green tea, has been shown to boost metabolism and promote fat burning in the body.

Coconut: Unsweetened, shredded coconut as well as coconut oil prompt the body to use fat as fuel, leaving you lean and mean.

With this many options, it’s time to start eating and stop storing fat. Yum!

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