Whittle Away For Water – Final Weigh In | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Today is our final weigh in for the Whittle Away for Water challenge that we have been doing for the past month, through DietBet.

I hope that your month has been successful and encouraging. So go into your bathroom and weigh yourself carefully! If you are participating in the DietBet make sure you follow the directions in the email that they sent you and submit your photo. If you were participating in the DietBet then let us know how you did this month! If you weren’t participating int he challenge through DietBet we would still love to hear from you!! As for me, I can tell you that I am so happy that this DietBet was to support this adorable 10 year boy, because otherwise I would be so disappointed and upset. I actually GAINED 2 pounds this month, but all in all I’m not at all surprised. This month started with me walking 60 miles in San Diego and ended with me being LAZY, making excuses for not getting it done.

I’m done with my excuses, and I’m getting myself back on track but the weight doesn’t come off as easy as it goes on!! Weight loss is a journey and I am still struggling to find the correct balance in life and fitness.

I hope this month has been successful for you! I would love to hear about your journey during this challenge, so please leave some comment love down below!!

And just for the record we raised $560 for this kid!! What a great way to support him and help him reach his goal!

And just so you know we aren’t join to leave you hanging at the beginning of 2014!! We will be starting a brand new challenge on January 1. Details will be coming soon, so make sure you keep coming back over the next couple of weeks. This year is not over yet, either so make sure you stay focused to reach your year end goals!! We still have our Burpees monthly calendar to help you get a quick workout daily. We also have our “Kindness” chart to help you bring some cheer to others around you! Stay focused and we will continue to whittle away some weight during the last few weeks of December.

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