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It’s January 1st, and hopefully you’re waking (not hungover) from an amazingly fun night of celebrations, and ready to embark on the great adventure of celebrating and honoring yourself! YES! We have released and said goodbye to 2013, and now it’s time to embrace and take 2014 by the horns.

So are you wondering what you need to do? Since this is Weight Loss Boot Camp Challenge, I’m going to bark out the orders and tell you exactly what you need to do! And in case you’re wondering just who the heck this Sisterhood is, or how you ‘join’ us, you can check out this fantastically informational post.


Go get on your scale. Take a good look at the number, and kiss it goodbye because after today, you will never, ever see that stinking number again! Better yet, go read the post Mary wrote the other day, and make yourself a Jar of Healthy Memories. Write down your weight/date each week, and at the end of the year, you can pull out all of your memories and see how far you’ve come!


I highly recommend you run over to Facebook and joining our very private and totally exclusive Shrinking Jeans Weight Loss Challenge Facebook Group. It’s totally private, no one on your timeline will see anything you post, and a great place to get lots of support and motivation.


Decide how you’re going to lose weight. Are you going to count calories using MyFitnessPal or LoseIt, join Weight Watchers, or use an a journal and track things manually. Personally, I re-upped with Weight Watchers online because it worked for me 7 years ago when I lost 50 pounds after my first child was born. I’ve been holding on to these last 20 pounds like it’s my job, and I’m ready to quit being overweight for good!

There are also all kinds of amazing gadgets, apps, and devices you can use to help you along the way. I just received a FitBit Force to review, and I am LOVING it!

Find what works to help keep you motivated and having FUN!


Our weekly project this week is to create your plan – write down your weight loss + fitness goals, and list the ways you plan to reach these goals. It will help if you have long term and short term goals, too. I like to have monthly goals for weight loss, because it keeps me from getting overwhelmed and frustrated. Leave a comment below and share your plan, or blog about it and share the link if you blog! If you don’t blog, you should! It’s another great way to get support and motivation, which is KEY to successful weight loss. You can start a blog for totally ZERO dollars at It will take you like 7 minutes to create your very own piece of the blogosphere. Easy peasy.


If you haven’t signed up for our DietBet*, there’s still time! Everyone who loses 4% of their body weight in 4 weeks gets to split the pot! We have two 4-week DietBets running concurrently to span our eight week challenge. Sign up for one or both! Right now our pot is $8,500 with over 340 participants! WOW!

*You do not have to sign up for the DietBet to participate in our New Year’s Weight Loss Boot Camp. It’s just something fun for extra motivation!  

And now you need to pick your fitness poison. Are you going to join in our with our Shrinking Boot Camp, hit the Monthly Fitness Calendar, or maybe give running a chance and sign up for our virtual race? Heck, why not go for the trifecta of Sisterhood fitness and do it all?

Monthly Fitness Calendar for January!

Shrinking Jeans Boot Camp

It’s a FREE online 6-week burst training bootcamp class that requires nothing but you in your workout clothes! No equipment necessary, for real! And, it’s guaranteed to whip your butt into shape.

Run The ‘Hood Shamrock Shuffle Virtual Race

Are you ready for the luckiest race of the year? One filled with rainbows and gold and clovers? We are going IRISH with our Shamrock Shuffle 5K/10K/Fun Run! Who knows… Maybe you will find a pot of gold at the finish line! We thought it would be pretty golden to donate a portion of our proceeds to support our heroes and through the Wounded Warrior Project! The virtual race will be held on March 16, 2013, and can be run anywhere! Click the badge below for more details!

You can also download the Charity Miles app and earn even more money for the Wounded Warrior Project, or one of several other great charities, with every mile you walk, run, or bike.

Watch for an announcement soon regarding our Couch to 5K Run with the Sisterhood Program! In the meantime, run on over to our Run With the Sisterhood Facebook group and check it out. Lots of running goodness happening over there!

Sisterhood Shots for January

Start the year off with a photo-a-day celebrating your healthy living journey! Share them on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter! Be sure to use the #SisterhoodShot hashtag, and to tag us on Facebook! We love to see and share your shots!

Shrinking Kitchen

Hungry, but don’t know what to eat? Step into the Shrinking Kitchen and find a treasure trove of delicious recipes with all the nutritional information AND WW Points Plus calculated for you. For real! AND, they also Menu Plan Your Butt Off each week with healthy, menu plans complete with printable grocery list. No excuses, people, it’s all there for you!

Eat Clean Healthy ‘New Year, New You 7-Day Detox’

A 7-day nutritionist-guided whole foods detox from Eat Clean Health. Several of us here at the Sisterhood have been through Jodi’s program with great success! I for one never felt better – more alive, clear headed, energetic, focused, and of course lighter!

WOW. That’s sure a lot of awesome tools to help you get started on your weight loss journey. Heck, I think I just lost 5 pounds writing all about it! But in all seriousness, losing weight isn’t easy, and sometimes it really sucks. But I promise if you hang out around here with us, it will suck a little less and be a whole helluva lot more FUN.

We’re so glad you’ve joined us for this journey. Good luck, and get shrinking!

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