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A couple weeks ago, the good folks at EvoFit contacted The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, asking if we’d like to take a look at their ensō roller.  I’m always interested in checking out the newest gear so I jumped at the chance.

According to their website: “The ensō roller increases your performance and enhances your recovery by incorporating multi-use functionality into its design. By doing away with uniform pressure, ensō roller provides you with both deep-tissue and low-impact massage in order to meet your fitness needs. Unlike any other product, with ensō you can configure the disc layout to attack trigger points, and to effectively engage in Self Myofacial Release (SMFR).”

The design of the ensō roller is what sets it apart from traditional foam rollers.  It is completely customizable through it’s 8 disks and aluminum tube.  The user is able to adjust the intensity by changing the spacing between discs or removing discs completely.  More space between discs creates increased pressure on a smaller, more targeted area or you can mash a larger area by squeezing the discs together.  Notches in the tube make it easy to get the discs into position and keep them from sliding around.  For demonstration videos, click here.

I found the online videos and usage guide very helpful in learning how best to configure the roller to meet my needs.  Using the roller before and after a couple runs last week resulted in less calf tightness and soreness.  The ensō roller was easy to configure and I really liked the effect it had on my problematic calves.  I also found it quite effective on my hamstrings – an area I struggle with on a traditional roller.

You can find more information on the ensō roller at http://www.evofitforlife.com/.

EvoFit is also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Check them out!

*disclaimer – I was provided an ensō roller to try free of charge.  The opinions are all my own*

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