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It’s Tuesday and it’s time to do some tooting! I know you are laughing because I am, too! Everytime I type or say it, I start laughing. Yes, I’m a mom to two boys. It can’t be helped….

So let’s get right to the point as I’m sure y’all are busy today getting your cardio or weight lifting or monthly calendar workout done, not to mention the millions of other things we women (or men) have to do everyday!

This week I am proud of:

  • Getting back to the gym after being sick for the majority of January! I’m sore from my workout which means I did a good job with my first workout!  February is gonna be a great month!
  • I know the month is young but I am doing great on the Love Handles Monthly Workout! I really don’t like Side Planks but they are necessary to get rid of theses love handles! 😉  I even took a picture that I’m NOT posting to compare at the end of the month. I’m hoping to see a big difference.
  • I didn’t overindulge in too much junk during the Super Bowl! YAY!
  • I’ve been drinking A LOT of water lately, helping to flush out the toxins of the crud that I had during January.
  • I started drinking green tea (which isn’t my favorite) with lemon and honey. This is supposed to help flush toxins, as well!
  • I am spending time every day reading which helps me unwind from the day! I LOVE to read but find it hard to shut down the electronics and pull out the book! 🙁
  • I cleaned up my work station/homeschool office some Monday! What a difference a clean space makes!
  • I’m signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle and plan to walk the 10K in high fashion! Are you walking or running it?

What have you done this week that you feel like spending a few minutes of tootin’ time for and are proud of? Are you doing well with the #WLBootcamp Challenge and need someone to tell? Did you make it through January losing weight and feeling better? Are you on track with February with the monthly calendar? Tell us in the comments!! It doesn’t even have to be related to diet/exercise/health just as long as you are proud to be tooting about it we will be happy to hear it!



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