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It’s time for the March edition of Sisterhood Shots! Grab your camera or your cell phones and get ready! We want to see your weight loss/fitness journey through the lens of your camera. This is a great way to document your  journey or an awesome addition to what you have done so far.

If you haven’t participated in Sisterhood Shots before this is how it works: Each day has a photo prompt. Use the prompts however you want to inspire your photo. Share your photo via Social Media, using the hashtag, #sisterhoodshots. Be creative and most of all have fun! It’s that simple!

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Sisterhood Shots: March Photo-A-Day

Don’t forget we have a brand new Team Challenge starting on March 12th, check out THIS POST to see what you can do to get prepared for it!

There is a brand spanking new workout calendar for March! It’s all about the 10K….10K Steps A Day Plus that is! What’s the Plus? Each day, you will be performing an exercise on top of your 10,000 steps. #10KaDayPlus

You’re also welcome to check out ALL of our monthly fitness calendars!

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